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Ningbo Xunhui Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. founded in 1985. As a private enterprise, Ningbo Xunhui  Electric Appliance Co. Ltd. integrated die-casting tooling design as well as Aluminium alloy, Magnesium alloy and Zinc alloy die- casting, machining and surface treatment and etcetera.


We focus on the perfect combination of automation and informatization, and providing high quality precision die-casting parts to customers. We also focus on providing efficient、green and coordinated Intelligent control production line of parts processing industry complete set of solution to upstream and downstream customers who are devoting to intelligent factory.

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Xunhui provides a comprehensive component solutions to the automotive industry. The products that we manufacture endure high temperature and high pressure to ensure safety of the vehicle. the components that we supply for vehicle's engine system achieve high dimensional tolerance and performance requirements and often apply to the newest generation passenger vehicles and heavy-duty trucks to meet increasing challenges for fuel economy and emission standards.

With advanced technology and highly automated production processes, we meet customers' increasing demands for price competitiveness and services through lean manufacturing and continuous improvement practices.

With reliable quality and customer-centric services, we have won the trust of world-renowned industry leaders and maintained long-term cooperative relations.

Xunhui provides a full range of key part solutions for the power tools industry. Our extensive service capabilities are reflected in our one-stop solutions, including rapid prototype development, mold design and production, high-quality precision die-casting, full coverage surface treatment, high-quality precision machining, laboratory testing, part certification, logistics and other support services of supply chain.


We have established long-term and stable strategic cooperation with internationally renowned industry leaders.

Our extensive die-casting, machining, surface treatment and a variety of specialty process capabilities enable us to provide solutions for  any other industry that requires high precision, high complexity and high performance parts. In addition to the major industries we currently have, we also provide products for the aviation industry, cleaning equipment and other industries. We welcome customers from other industries to contact us to discuss your component product needs. By understanding your specific requirements and expectations, we are confident that we can provide you with unique solutions. In addition, we can use our years of experience serving the current industry leaders at any time to ensure that our cooperation will satisfy you in all aspects of cost, quality, and service.

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